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I wanna run through the halls of my High school [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 Aug 2004|09:36pm]


hey i was just searching LJ and i found this community... can i request? well if so here if not jus comment and tell me.. real sorry



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3 ;

Hey. I'm new here. [01 Jul 2004|12:06pm]

I'm not sure if you guys are open or not so I won't post any requests and take up space. If you could just comment and let me know that would be great. Thanks. :)

Hey! [09 May 2004|05:59pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi! I'm new in this community. I am a starter at creating Blinkies. I would like a pink one that says Pammy with a little heart and glitter and hearts, please? I will make an icon in return!

[11 Apr 2004|09:18pm]

hey im hew here can you please make me a blinkie that looks like this.....but say Elizabeth instead..thanks

request [12 Mar 2004|04:57pm]

i need a friends only sign made please

i would like it hot pink and sparkling.
you can pick the font...just make it cute haha.
umm i want it big but not huge.

thats not really descriptive i hope you know what i mean though i didnt make it tooo difficult.
if u have any questions just ask me

thanks in advance!:)

[21 Feb 2004|05:39pm]

hi i was wondering if i could have this blinkie saying robyn please
thank credit will be given,.
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request [06 Feb 2004|09:50am]

hey i was wondering if i could have this blinkie but have it be the color purple and have it say Sara
thank you

Hi hi [02 Feb 2004|07:22pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey all, I'm new here and I wanted to see if I could possibly get a blinkie made? I will definitely credit and thank you LOTS.

I would like one that says "Dana & Steve" and then the date "12-26-03" under it. Maybe separated by a heart? It doesn't matter though, I'd like it in some kinds of blues. I'm not really picky about how it looks. Anything will be fine!

Thank you!!!

[25 Dec 2003|12:24am]

[ mood | Happy ]

* New Here so can someone please make me a black & a White heart blinking to put inbetween my comment's ?

If So Thank you Very much

--Credits will be given

Muah =-*

<3 Rena

3 ;

[07 Sep 2003|10:59pm]

seems like this community is dead

[25 Aug 2003|09:02am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

i wuz wonderin if i could get this blinkie n have it say eztrela?

[11 Aug 2003|01:57pm]


hey can i get that blinkie but have it say woman

[10 Aug 2003|12:42am]

i was wondering if you could make this blinkie for me, but instead put in the name Andre'a http://www.angelfire.com/wa3/roxybabe19/blinkie.gif who ever makes it for me I'll be sure to give you credit for it! Please!

2 ;

[06 Aug 2003|03:57pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

hi. how is everyone? i was wondering if someone could modify this blinkie so that instead of 'alex' have it say 'andy' and instead of 'pris' have it say 'jona' if someone could do that for me, that would be great and i will be very grateful. you'll receive full credit of course : )

5 ;

[01 Aug 2003|04:26pm]

can i have this blinkie?

can you make it say mandie instead. thanks to whoever does it. i'll give credit
2 ;

Warning [25 Jul 2003|12:27am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Just wanted to warn everyone in this community that nycsbeauty78 is an Icon, Blinkie & BG Stealer She has stolen several icons and blinkies, claiming them to be her own. misskiwitwist and I are going around warning the communities again because we know how much time it takes to make an icon/blinkie and thought the maintainers and makers of the communities might wanted to know.

Sorry if she isn't a part of this community, but if she is we suggest you ban her a.s.a.p. She will continue to steal any icons/blinkies she can get her hands on. Again, sorry if you've read this already, I am posting it in the main blinkie/icon communities as an alert to the makers and members.


blinkie request [25 Jul 2003|12:02am]

can i have this but i want it to say kem and i want the drink to be blue and the lil lime thingy to be green instead of pink thanks alot<3
my e-mail address is naturellebella42@aol.com if u need to send it to me by e-mail thanks bye bye

[21 Jul 2003|10:59pm]

Hi everyone,
I had this request in another ( quite rude) community, but I deleted it because I saw how badly some of the people who made requests were being treated...
Well anyway, I'm new to this community, and I thought maybe you could help. I wanted to make just one request for someone to tweak the colors on a blinkie...

Could I get this blinkie:

with black text (still with the shiny effect) and red lollipops?

Thanx sooo much if you can help!

[21 Jul 2003|03:34pm]

Could you please make this image into an icon for me?

I'd like some text at the bottom, in the black bit of the picture. Could it be on three lines, with the first line left-alined and saying 'heads', the second line centred and saying 'will', and the third line right-alined and saying 'roll', and could the 'roll' be in blinky letters, so that each of the letters blink in turn, and then the whole word blinks twice, before the letters blink individually again? I don't mind what colours the 'roll' blinks, but could the words all be white to begin with? Thanks if you could make that ^_^

[10 Jul 2003|06:17pm]

hello, i would very much like an icon like this one:: http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-7/257362/Animation3.gif

except i want it to say 'sorah' =D and the rest to stay the same.

thank you soo much! =]

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