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I wanna run through the halls of my High school

i wanna scream at the top of my LUNGS!!!

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Hey guys, This is a NO DRAMA blinkie community, if you create drama, its simple, you're removed. :) A lot of people want to bitch at me for making this community but nobody knows why i did. I made the community because i saw how the girls who requested in blinkie_shop were treated after the shop was closed. They were very rude to them. A lot of people DONT read user infos girls, SORRY. Anyway, I thought that was rude, Plus people i know requested wrong or soemthing or another and didnt get a blinkie, so i thought that was shit. How long has that community been closed for? Yeah and she doesnt want new help, so that pissed me off too. I think that girl is a bitch, yes I do and if you think I'm wrong, good for you, I don't want to hear it, please go comment to her and kiss her ass some more. pathetic most of you. Anyway here are the rules.

.One blinkie request a DAY please :)
.either have an example of a blinkie you want or be very descriptive in the colors, sizes and what you want on it.
.if you would like a little picture please be sure to tell us.
.there is only 1 blinkie maker at this time, so please be patient. if you would like to help out with blinkies, please Post :)

this is MY community. do not attack my blinkie maker because she is sticking up for me and she just makes blinkies, grow up girls. I need more makers, so if you're interested, leave a post.

have a nice day<3

btw; dont come to my community and bitch and complain